Bobbianne Doerr

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Bobbianne Doerr

Transcendental Galaxy-An Immersive World 

New Work by Bobbianne Doerr

Reception:Friday, Jan. 25th 6pm – 10pm
Exhibition: Jan. 25th – Feb. 4th, 2013

A multi-media exhibition featuring projected film and photographs.

“Experimentation with highly saturated and bright colors into my art work gave it an extremely playful and imaginative quality. This was a point of departure for me after working primarily in black and white photography in the past at a university in Ft. Collins. This has opened my work to different realms of creation involving creating in the forms of sculpture and new media art. Art is a constant process of evolution of creativity which allows for experimentation. These evolutions lead into investigating space with installations. Viewers of my work are able to interact with installations – thus inserting their own experience and reactions into the art. Interjecting fog and digital projection let the viewers to interact with the fog and change the projection. At that point, my work added in the elements of color, installation, and interaction.

“My work as a multimedia artist encompasses three areas which are sculpture, photography and digital media and is represented in my self-portrait series “Reflections of Me.” Photographs are bright with saturated color were created using night photography and show the human figure as more than an object for sexuality but also an abstraction of form. Edward Weston’s work was highly influential. In Weston’s work, an object was photographed in front of a simple, black background. The viewer was forced to focus on the beauty of the object itself.” -Bobbianne Doerr