William Bishop + Walter Cote

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William Bishop + Walter Cote

Show dates: January 13th – January 29th, 2012
Reception is January 20th from 6pm-10pm.

In the Main Gallery: William Bishop


Local artist William Bishop will be showing some new drawings this winter at Next Gallery. The work will feature his use of expressive and descriptive line with an overall abstract/surreal subject matter.” You can use that statement for both press release and online listing.. The title of the image is “I Dont Want A Bicyle” 6″ square mixed media drawing on paper. please note this piece is sold already it wont be in the show but is very representative of my current work.


In the Associate Space: Walter Cote



My work is usually started out with simple shapes, lines and color tones. I help the work develop from there. I never know what the painting is going to look like when it is finished. I think sometimes that I am working with the painting helping it along like the work is has a life of it’s own. I tend to enjoy organic forms as opposed to geometric.