Jeff Richards + The Japan Birds Project

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Jeff Richards + The Japan Birds Project
In the Main Gallery: “My Significant Other is the Kosmos” Jeff Richards

There is another realm of the psyche that can become available for creative exploration – the illusive, sometimes mysterious, sometimes scary, always surprising transpersonal unconscious.  It’s here, outside the personal both above and below, that creativity starts tapping into energies never before imagined and rarely understood.
& in the Associate Space:  “PUT A BIRD ON IT! ”  birds!  Invitational Show Hosted by The Japan Birds Project

Invited Artists Include: Anne Argent, Bob Bolinger, Ippy Farnam, Larry Frieder, Christine O’Dea, Lisa Gardiner, Jennifer Ghormley, Alane Holsteen, Sara-Lou Klein, Macy Matarazzo, Kate McPhee, Michael Richmond, Ray Tollison, Warner Varno, James Watts, Reed Weimer, Kristin Woodbury and Dawn Y
Statement:  This show is about the power and importance of finding ones flock.  Put A Bird On It!  Birds! Invitational Show features the work of artists whose work speaks to nature, freedom, love and beauty; all aspects which resonate with the impetus, intention and feeling of The Japan Birds Project, a fundraiser for children’s’ art programs.  See The Japan Birds Project on Facebook and at