NEXT Gallery’s vision is to create an environment for active artists to present and grow as artists in a fostering community. Next gallery is an independent art gallery, run by artists. We have monthly meetings to discuss Art and NEXT Gallery’s involvement in the Art community.

Membership Benefits:

All members get an annual, three week solo show. Year-round representation in the Small Works Gallery. NEXT Gallery also provides promotion of your artwork and show by NEXT Gallery’s Public Relations committee through press release, web release and being featured on NEXT’s website. All members have access to participate in group shows, holiday shows and free entry into open shows. New member candidates are invited to present their work before the Core Committee and are selected by Core Committee vote.
We have two types of memberships:

Full Membership $75/month Benefits:

  • One, three week, one person show a year, in the front gallery with the windows!

front gallery
front gallery
front gallery

Associate $55/month Benefits:

  • One, three week, one person show in the smaller back gallery to the left of the SWG, “The Associate’s gallery”.

back gallery
back gallery

Past Shows

To Apply:

Please email with the following:

  • your name and contact information
  •  5-10 jpegs of examples of your artwork and/or web address
  • artist statement
  • and curriculum vitae
  • Subject: Membership