Adrienne DeLoe


AdrienneMy interest in creating nature themed artwork is founded on my love of nature and the desire to create works that exude beauty and wonder. I use materials that reflect the elements of our inspiring environment including seedpods, viagra pressed flowers and encaustic.

I consider each piece of artwork that I create to be a microenvironment. A place where my imagination gives way to fantastical landscapes which present the illusion of having grown all on their own. I strive to invent work that offers the viewer a sense of whimsy, doctor while simultaneously invoking a feeling of peculiarity.

Our beautiful planet provides me with continuous inspiration as well as the source for much of my medium. I am deeply concerned about our environment and my art is an outlet for me to call attention to the power and splendor of nature.



ad_reformations_24 ad_reformations_26 Bloom AdrienneDeLoe Decay

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