Barbara Gal

I come from a long family tradition of compulsive photographers. The oldest photos we possess are from the late 1890’s, and my family has literally thousands of photos from most of the 20th century and seventeen years into this one.

I got my first camera on my tenth birthday and have not stopped taking pictures since that day. I taught high school photography for 18 years, and loved my job. A surprising number of my former students have made a career of photography, and the rest are better photographers for the experience. Now that I am retired, I have more time for my own photography.

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is flowers, from my own gardens and from my travels. And I travel whenever possible, so I can photograph what I see and bring it back. I also have been compelled to document my adopted state of Colorado for the past 45 years, the natural and man-made, the things that have disappeared, changed, or stayed the same. I also create artist books, usually incorporating my photography and the “stuff” I pick up on my travels. Whatever my subject, my goal is to make the viewer look at it in a different way, to see the beauty that I see in each image.