Blake A Chamness

I am exploring the idea of a collective visual conscience that we have as a globalizing society. Our culture is overwhelmingly visual. The Internet has given us access to a seemingly endless supply of picture information that anyone can contribute to or draw from. It is the tangible, seeable, searchable body of knowledge from our place in history.

In my artwork I aim to transfigure some of that barrage of information,  to turn the reportage into metaphor, the factual into poetry.  My childhood interests of science fiction, storytelling, and the natural world hold heavy sway in my artwork.  The imagery I create reflects my curiosity of exploration and oddity. Strange and ominous characters emerge to create a haunting narrative throughout my body of work, reminiscent of monster movies, campfire stories, science textbooks, and tattered comic pages.

Over the past two years I have become both fascinated with the challenge of painting plants and simultaneously awakened to the potential symbolism they have in artwork.  After including more plants as supporting characters in paintings, I began to wonder at the possibility of doing a plant-themed series.  However, the challenge with making flowers the main character of an artwork is avoiding the notion of kitsch.  How do you turn representational painting of pretty things into something less prosaic and more poetic?  My response to this inquiry is the work of Transpiration, involving heavy doses of still life, geometry, expressionism, and the awe of a naturalist. For more information about myself or my art you can check out