Catherine Carilli

 My paintings are a direct result of the immediate painting process, imbued with spiritual connection, and personal memory. They are states of being ever evolving as I paint. They are intuitive dialogues with the paint and textural surfaces. Each permutation of the painting unfolds naturally into the next part of the artwork until it is complete. Each painting originates from unformed recollections of place and memory. My color choices mirror residual memory, emotions and places. I love the ever-changing visual splendor of our natural and urban worlds, with all its grit, and beauty. I delve into the drama of life. And I mine into the depths of my heart as I work. Abstraction flows naturally, and sometimes symbols and figures assert themselves into the art, as ghosts unexpectedly reveal themselves. I see our lives and our world as a tapestry that winds towards meaning, unravels, and reweaves again into new surprising pictures.