Chris Buske

Sometimes political,  often controversial,  always bold and colorful, my work explores classic themes with a modern sense.  Recently branded a “Political Pop Artist”, I am greatly inspired by artists such as Keith Herring and Andy Warhol, as well as music and the street art I grew up around in Chicago. Technology is becoming a major part of my art, but everything I do starts out organically, by hand. My work often draws from underground culture and although I use multiple mediums to express my ideas my subject matter is consistent.  Themes of Freedom, Nature, Sexuality and Spirituality dominate my work. I want to create art that has purpose and ignites discussion. My aim is to make work that is accessible to people, that extends past museums and galleries. I want to make art that you walk by on the street or the average person hangs in their living room. I am from a working class family and that is who I focus on making art for.  You can find more of my work at