Christy Lynne Seving

As a child I watched my grandfather (who was an insurance man by day) playing and experimenting with different mediums of art. Whether he was doodling in his favorite chair, painting with watercolors or practicing calligraphy… he had the soul of an artist and I knew that I did too.

  As a young adult, I began my career as a hair designer. A creative field that has served me well over the years. I continued to dabble in  art as I worked and raised my children. In 2011, I was chatting with a gallery owner on Tennyson in North Denver and after her suggestion, I was entered and was accepted  in to a juried art show. I was officially bit by that art bug and  began participating in exhibits across the Denver area. In 2013 I  became of member of Kanon Art Collective on Santa Fe and in 2017  I joined my art family at Next Gallery.

My  style has changed and evolved over the last several years . Never wanting to commit to a single discipline , I found my love of mixed media art.  Drawing, painting, collage, found objects, antiques,  vintage photography…  can all be found in my work. I love to draw people into the story of a piece. It is interesting to me how each person interprets it differently. I  compelled to continue creating and moved by the way that  art can inspire us, connect us and heal us. 

For more information or to view artwork visit Christy’s Facebook page