G Cody Day

G. Cody Day is an energetic artist who uses a meticulous system of layering to build dynamic multidimensional paintings. A self-taught painter, his process is equally important as the outcome. The resulting paintings are a manifestation of his technique. 

Cody’s work is vibrant and full of movement. He enjoys using highly saturated pigments and works primarily in acrylic for the ability to rapidly apply and layer color. Cody details his work with the utmost consistency and vigor, with each painting fitting into the overall dialog of his body of work. His paintings communicate for themselves and are intended to be individually digested by the viewer. The resulting images span time and recollect non-linear fragments into a mosaic of direct communication.  

Cody is a prolific painter and emerging artist who is constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of his technique. His yoga practice is reflected in his work as a familiar calm, in the face of chaos. Cody paints primarily for himself to expand the boundaries of his perception, and he invites you to come along for the ride.

Process makes perfect.