Jessie Morvay

Often my work begins with a digital camera and a fly-fishing trip. Walking the local rivers of the Colorado Front Range, I attempt to capture images that demonstrate what I describe as natures art. The wildlife, fish, plants, and rocks, to name a few, all have their own uniqueness that serve as sources of inspiration. With my camera (frequently on macro mode), I focus on the sometimes obscure or overlooked details that can be found along a rivers edge. A perfectly formed mayfly on the sleeve of my shirt, the numerous colors and patterns found on the skin of a trout, or the underwater release
of a fish back to its habitat. These are the images that are revealed in my drawings, paintings, and prints, which are sometimes abstracted or exaggerated as part of my own personal style.

My preferred art medium is printmaking, with a focus over the last two years on monotypes. I use a series of hand, and laser cut stencils, as well as several foam stamping techniques, in order to build layers of ink on the printing plate. My approach on each of these prints is similar to painting, where some results are predictable and planned, but due to the characteristics of printmaking other unknown characteristics
often reveal themselves on the paper, which is what I enjoy most about the process. The goal of these prints is to share with the viewer a small glimpse of the beauty that can be witnessed along a rivers edge, and increase their awareness of nature’s art.