Karen Kaiser

 I am interested in symbols, both archetypal and personal as from dreams and synchronicity; and an avid champion of the ‘discarded’ object.. tearing down of the old and rebuilding and integrating with the new.  This has even found it’s way as I use my own and other’s discarded artworks!  I use a wide variety of media including acrylic, oil, watercolor, collage/assemblage, sculpture, embedding  and jewelry design including “caged brooches” (A Victorian-era technique.)  Drawings made from life are the life-blood and basis for most of my artwork; having discovered quite early that my hand could easily replicate that which came across my vision. This gave me the confidence to make an early decision that art could be my life’s work; while being forever grateful for family members and friends encouragement along the way.

Early on, I was drawn to symbolism as in Latin Catholic rites, the mystical rituals and arts of the Native American culture, my mother’s interest in all things mystical and the superstitious tales of hard rock miners as told by both parents who were deeply involved in the mining industry. I combine these inspirations with my own relationship between dreams, symbolic imagery and art. My interest in depth psychological work, dream analysis and the work of Carl Jung has greatly influenced my artwork, so this common thread weaves it’s way throughout most of it and has lead to my self-directed Independent Studies degree in psycho-spiritual studies from Union Institute and University.




Mystery in the Lagoon