Kelly Mansfield

Every person deserves to be valued, and the focus of my work intends to remember those who are often underrepresented: women artists, immigrants, laborers, and those who feel alone in the world. I represent their stories by creating mixed-media sculptural paintings, often incorporating cast hands and objects that have significance to a person. The textural surface creates a sensory experience through sculptural relief, and the interaction of the objects themselves invites a visceral reaction. From cave paintings made 40,000
years ago, to Michelangelo’s Adam reaching to God, to the desperately outstretched arms in Picasso’s Guernica, the image of the human hand has been with us from the beginning, both symbol and signifier of what makes us
human. My work comes out of this tradition, the use of this ancient symbol utilized for contemporary concerns.






.  Make Way for New Life 1_Kelly_Mansfield play with sculpture