Creativity has always been part of my life, whether it’s working with students in my elementary classroom, or now as a retired person, working in my art studio.  I latched onto fiber as a material of choice because it was such a part of my family’s history.  Two decades ago, I became fascinated with my discovery that fiber art had encompassed the use of techniques and mediums not normally applied to cloth.  It led to creating wall hangings (often referred to as art quilts), and to fiber sculptures that included artifacts from nature along with the ancient technique of felting fabric.  Combining mixed media that includes fabric with polymers has peeked my curiosity.  I once created an art installation with my VW camping van by quilting it inside and outside!

Spending time in nature restores me, and I like to represent it in abstraction and realism. Patterns of nature are fascinating.  As scientists learn more about the natural world and especially how everything is connected, I become more entranced with finding ways to represent that in my art.  I find that choosing themes that are intriguing to me, and may be to others, is satisfying.  Recently, I’ve been using cloth to re-create magnified images of pods, seeds and even microorganisms.  We now understand there is connection between  trees and between trees and micro-organisms in the soil.  The pandemic has made us aware of the human connections around the Earth.

My love of the Earth has led to a series of art about the threat of Climate Change.  My belief is that if we feel connected to the Earth, it might compel us to take the actions we can take individually and collectively to restore a sustainable planet.  My hope is that my art will cause people to pause and think about how they can sustain our awesome Mother Earth.

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