Pam Farris

Born in Texas, but a Coloradoan since 1976, I received my bachelor’s degree in Art Education in 1993 and my master’s degree in Educational Technology in 2004.  I’ve been teaching continuously ever since 1993.  My current teaching position is as an Art and Technology teacher.

I am also the Chair of Artsource Colorado.  This professional development group has been a great way to meet and work with a variety of teachers from around the state.  Most years, I attend the summer institute where we focus on being artists and a little bit on teaching.

During most summers I travel.  I am lucky enough to explore most of Europe, Egypt, little of Mexico and around the U.S..  I love taking pictures of architecture and the details of other countries.

Underneath all that, I’m an artist.  I used to drive my parents nuts when I made art projects as a child.  And I am constantly trying out new mediums, sometimes for personal art and sometimes for projects for my classroom.  The last couple of years I’ve been focused on mosaics.  It started with a mosaic I made at an Artsource Summer Institute in 2012.  I’ve found myself dreaming about my mosaic ideas and wanting to take time to make them