Virginia T Coleman

My artwork is an amalgamation of my multi faceted background. I adumbrate drawings like an architect, dapple with color with a painter’s eye, capture compositions with the photographer’s quick lens, and weld forms together with a sculptor’s touch.

Metal has become the main tool to expressing my visual vocabulary. Metal is very seductive for a multitude of reasons. Its pure structural strength, its fragility to bend, its ability to capture time in its inherent chemistry, its reflective nature and its ease of joining via the lucid quality of a weld. I also use welding as a means of drawing lines upon metal.

The works follow three main trajectories. The first is an examination of nature of the built environment, the second is an expression of the ephemeral moments of life and the third is the continual study of the human figure.

When I speak of the built environment I focus on the physical world around us; the way that architectural lines delineates how we flow through space and time. The powerful presence, both clearly and latently, that structures have on our sense of being.

My work is also a vehicle for looking deeper into the human condition. The challenge is how to express emotions and concepts when they are not physical forms. To take the non-tangible and turn it into something that exists visually in an abstracted fashion.

The figure is my platform for looking deeper into forms, lines, and the slight nuances of color that create the wonderment of the figure.