Andrew Novick

Casa Bonita Credentials

Andrew Novick is a Denver native who has been going to Casa Bonita for all of his life and he has been there over 280 times!  He was featured on an episode of World’s Weirdest Restaurants at Casa Bonita, wore the Chiquita Gorilla suit in a SPELLS music video and hosted an episode of Street Level on PBS channel CPT12 about Colfax and Casa Bonita. Andrew also worked with the MCA’s Teen Failure Lab to set the record of World’s Largest Sopaipilla Sculpture which, of course, was a scale-model of Casa Bonita!

Full Bio

Andrew Novick is a Denver native and a prolific provocateur of wackiness in town. Whether as a performer of music and/or PowerPoint presentations (Warlock Pinchers, GetYourGoing) or running themed events (PeepsBQAndrew Novick’s X-Treme Pancake BreakfastJapanese Medical Punk Dance Party and Surgery Dinner, etc.), he tries to keep himself (and others!) busy.  He is also an electrical engineer and an avid collector (  Andrew has been called the “world’s most recreational photographer” – snapping photos to fit into the countless themes of his visual vernacular.  Past art shows include: Candy, Cuts and Bruises (~2000), The Astounding Problem of Andrew Novick (2009), International Food Phenomena (2010); Objectophelia (group show, 2010), Window Dressing (2010), Super-Relative (with Samuel Schimek, 2010). Pieces in Andrew Novick’s latest collection, FOOD FACE have titles such as: “Meatballs!”, “Pizza Face” and “Eyeballs!”, which sound perhaps more horrifying than delicious. A human blood exposé of portraits surfaced in 2013 called Blood Lustre, along with an interactive Crime Scene Photo Booth.  Sweet Tooth (1000 Desserts that I ate) rounded out 2013. Art shows in 2014 included Japan PoPsplosion!  and Unstill Life, both of which showed digital prints on canvas of quickly curated shots of brightly-colored subjects. A black and white series called Molotov! was part of Month of Photography in 2015, and three fire-related images were part of a group show called Spark&RuinPrank Snacks and Bling Voting Booth were installation projects in 2016. Momentary Lapse (2016) was a show for Month of Photography, featuring cross-processed E6 film, shot with an open shutter while manually winding the film across the lens.  Andrew strives to show things all around us that are fun and interesting and usually provoke conversation and new ideas.