Checklist for Exhibit

Before Your Show

About 2 months to 6 weeks before your show:

Prepare jpeg images and an artist statement for the press release. Email these to the PR Coordinator( Suzanne Bates ,, the Web Banner Coordinator (Adrienne Deloe,, Eblast Coordinator (Melody Epperson, and the Facebook poster for your Opening event (Christy Seving,

Images for instagram should be uploaded onto Google Drive and shared with Chris Buske, Natalie Smith and Cody Day to ensure your upcoming show is posted on social media the web and  and your postcards arrive in time to promote your show.

About 1 month before your show:

Contact other artist you are showing with to coordinate a theme, food music or any additions to the show. (some members share food/drink costs, but that is determined by artists. Costco or Sprouts trays are reasonable. Recommendation to have something sweet and something savory. Finger food with small plates recommended. Wine and beer and smaller cups are best. Water/soda and ice to fill buckets to keep cold.)

Order vinyl sign of title for show and your name. Know what type of font you want and size. If you wish, Betsy does a great job,

DJ is always fun, live music can fit a theme, pandora on speakers, etc.)

Music Resources: 

Shawn O’Neil, 505-995-0209 is $150 custom playlist,

Lauren Finesilver, 303-522-4055 is $100 specializes in ambient electronica, but will do anything)

2 weeks prior to your show:

Bring postcards to gallery for tag list delivery. Mail and pass out postcards Ask for mailing list from Melody if you would like to use Patrons list. Any mailing over 200 should be able to go to a printer to have standard indicia used, which is less expensive than stamps.

Create a hanging kit to bring with you to hang your work. (hammer, level, measuring tape, pencil, eraser, wall putty, spackle, sandpaper, nails)

Label your tools with your name and have it available for future hangings. Bring a small stepladder if you have one.

4 days prior to your opening:

(do not wait until 1 day prior to hang your show!):

Hang work in gallery format, 60 inches from floor to middle of work. Use correct hanging hardware. Only blue tape for tags.

You can contact Virginia Coleman, to assist with install or other members as well.

Create artwork labels or use number pins. Either way, you should also create a list of all work and prices and make copies.

Ladders and tools are available in storage, but having your own hardware bag is best. Keep door locked when hanging.

Door should not be unlocked unless we are open for business. Always check that both side and back door are locked as well.

Remember to price artwork according to the 10% commission that the gallery will receive on any work sold. If you bring a guest artist, they will be charged a 35% commission for any work sold as a non member. 

Display your artist statement how you choose. Extra postcards on the desk.

Make sure bathroom is clean and stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, and handsoap.

Make sure floor is swept and benches clean. Clean up any litter outside. These preparation tasks can be split up by both artists.

Ask a member or a friend attending your reception to help document your show with images and/or video.

Day of Opening:

Arrive to gallery early (5-5:30pm) to set up food/drinks/ice. Make sure you have all supplies (plates, napkins, cups, etc.)

Check to make sure all tools are put away, and your show feels great! Take this moment to appreciate your great work!

You should have 2-3 members that have signed up to sit your opening. Check in with them so they can help you when you might need something. One person will do the drinks and check that food is replenished. One will greet and do sales.

Make sure gallery open sign is turned on by 6pm and turned off at 10pm.

Clean up after your opening. Food and drinks put away. Trash taken out. Recycling to go home with you.

If you choose to stay after 10pm, you will be responsible for any further sales and for closing and locking up.

Remember to turn off lights and check that all doors are locked!

During the 3 weekends of your show:

Be there for spots you have signed up for and let your friends/famly know when you are there! They will want time with you to talk about your work. Share images and stories on instagram and facebook. 


After Your Show:

Take your work down after 5pm on the last Sunday of your show. You can take down on Monday, but please don’t make the next artist wait longer than Tuesday to be able to put their show up. The gallery should be in pristine condition after your show. This includes: patching, painting, and cleaning. For painting, use drop clothes when painting and only use Sherwin-Williams Interior Latex Flat, 6070 Heron Plume for the walls. If this gallon is low, you must replenish if needed, but the gallery will reimburse you. 

Make note of artwork purchased with contact of buyer to let them know when they can pick up artwork.

Wrap and store sold work in closet with note of purchase, so it is easy for other members to find.

Take out all trash and recyclables.

Sweep and mop entire gallery, as well as clean bathroom and benches.